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The Selected Poems

Index of Titles
The Rainbows End.
Child of Summer
Letter to Bear
The Washer
This is Love?
A Troubled mind
Iona Sound
Faerie Chime
The Hermit
Continuations of a theme
Ode to spring
A Tear of Truth
Ode to a Starling
The Keswick Carles
The Gates
Angels Sing
In Flight
A World of Dreams
Intimations of death and rebirth
The Flower
Ode to spirit
The pool of Life
The Seed
Soft Shadows
The Earths Rape
Ode to a Tree
The Hand of the Reaper
The Journey
Sonnett to a snowflake
No Time, No Love
Angel Bride
The Promise
Morning Love
Lost in Love
The virtues of life
The passing
With You

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The Bard, The Poet, The Author

An Introduction

: Malwys, Mel, followed a musical career with many bands and found acclaim as a solo singer/songwriter. He released his first collection of Poetry , 'The Selected Poems', in the summer of 1997 after being nominated as International Poet of the Year by the International Society of Poets.

The nomination came after the publication of his 'Intimations of Death and Re-birth', in an anthology called 'Quiet Moments'. (Franz; International Library of Poetry. ISBN 1-57553-180-1.) The poem was written at the end of a long and personal journey of self discovery, where he "found a new life, a home and a beautiful woman to share my life with".

'The Selected Poems' contain much of this journey through a deep and tangled forest of emotions, and yet, they touch but the surface of a deep ocean. Mel, better known for his musical and songwriting talents, believes that;

"Writing provides a medium through which we can express true emotion and feelings", and says of his work;

"Each of my songs, my poems and my stories hold a deeper message than is first encountered, in the same way that the Metaphysical poets used their poetry to flaunt their intellect, I have used my knowledge of life and of Human psychology, to hide within my poems a seed, which when nurtured can grow into a deep and enlightening force of inner beauty and awareness.

Not all will find my message, for the key lies within yourself, to recognise your own inner beauty, and to allow that to reflect outwardly into all you see and hear.

A true poet does not simply write a poem, but lives the poem, breathes the poem and becomes that poem.

It is my hope that through my work you will find some magic entering your own life, some inspiration to seek out your own inner beauty and enhance your life by expressing yourself in the very best way you can. If my poetry can inspire others, then I will have achieved more than I could have hoped for. Enjoy my work, but above all else, enjoy your life."

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An Insight into a Poet's Mind

Not all is as we first percieve it to be, a second glance can reveal much more than the first, and so it is with poetry, the deeper we look into the mind of the poet the deeper it draws us in, and yet, we but skim the surface. Here I invite you to look into my mind, share with me these moments captured by my pen and my mind in co-ordination, and feel the poetry reach into your own being and awaken there the seed of creative beginnings. Nurture then that seed and allow it to flower outwards thereby revealing your own inner beauty. For it is not enough to read the poem, or to write the poem, Only when we become the poem do we begin to understand a little of the poet's mind, And yet, there is still a vast and unexplored cavern lying deep within, and it is there that we may find, another song.

Maelwys /|\    

What the Critics Say;

...a fascinating eclectic mixture....this poet does not flinch from examining uncomfortable ideas and issues of with cultural and mythical allusions, poems of contemporary importance...thoughtful and thought provoking....selfless sharing of spirituality leads to poetry of extreme poignancy...I have no hesitation in reccomending this heartwarming collection.



Composed in Autumn 1994 whilst reclining in a grove.

Sometimes I feel an urgency, a need, to be fulfilled,
I dont have all the answers, and I must search, seek thee,
Wheresoever you may sit, though the burdens of this world
Be heavy in my breast,
You always know, and offer me,
A place to take my rest.

In this world I have found no mortal soul to aid my seeking,
Weak! Yes i am weak,
And yet, so many still draw on my strength,
And look to me for answers, guidance and assurance.
All the reasons I looked for you.

Not all allow themselves to see you as I, but I know in my heart,
They will one day come upon you as their weariness takes
Their soul to rest.

I tell them, as I speak in rhyme or stories of their own tongues,
To seek the answers to their questions
In all the things About their person.
To wonder at all the beauty, missed each day,
as they pursue further burdens
to add to the weight and suffering in their lives.
That you may then approach them as you did me, and lift the chains
Of life that they may too walk along with thee.

Father! The last time we spake, you told me how my mother wept.
Are you so sure I know the way to help my brother and my sister,
To see our mothers wounds?
If her heart be so heavy,
can you not lift from her, the burden,
As you did mine?
If not, then tell me how, and I surely shall...

Malwys /|\